Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Day Three Thoughts

Reflections on Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Our volunteer work today took place outdoors at the beautiful Burnside Plantation.  Help was needed to weed and landscape the winding driveway and garden patches of the plantation.  We split into teams to tackle the project that would have taken much longer for the volunteers to complete without a few extra sets of hands.  Despite their busy schedule, the volunteers took us on a wonderful tour of the plantation, complete with tidbits about Moravian history.  Did you know that the Moravians had running water and the first pipes were made of hollowed-out wood?!  We also got to see and pet the horses that belong to the Bethlehem Police. For lunch we ate food from Johnny’s Bagels and it was delicious as always.  After our day at the plantation, everyone was exhausted, but the work done looked beautiful; the difference we had made was tangible and vivid.  We returned to Moravian for a video scavenger hunt around campus.  The first year students completed the 26-point task list in under an hour and the video is hilarious. Humor aside, this was a good task for learning teamwork and discovering where everything is at Moravian College. After dinner from Lehigh Pizza we called it a night.

-Sasha Halasz '13 (Team Leader)

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