Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Day Two Thoughts

Reflection on the first day at The Historic Bethlehem Partnership

Today we visited the Kemmerer Museum of Decorative Arts, located right on New Street and home to an impressive collection of furniture, paintings, glassware and artistic pieces.  The staff was gracious enough to take us on an extensive tour of not only the museum, but also Moravian Academy, Main Street, the Goundie House, the Visitor Center, and the Gemeinhaus.  I learned an incredible amount about Moravian’s history and feel even more proud to be associated with such a resourceful and forward-thinking group of people.  My personal favorite part of the tour was learning about the community apothecary, which is now part of the Moravian Bookshop. After the tour, we helped out around Kemmerer by transporting historic objects from a room about to be renovated to a temporary storage area.  As a team leader, I was very impressed by the resourcefulness and cooperation demonstrated by the team.  The staff at the HBP were great to work with and they were surprised at how quickly we finished the work.  Afterwards we got dinner at Hello Burrito and ice cream at The Station, taking Megan’s advice about supporting local companies.  Finally, we spent some time doing team bonding activities and talking about the day.  So far I am very impressed and happy with the group dynamic; everyone gets along really well and stays engaged in daily activities.  We even had an impromptu volleyball game even after the day was technically over, which attests to how close everyone has already become.

                                                                                                          ~ Sasha Halasz '13 (Team Leader)

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