Thursday, August 25, 2011

Day Three Thoughts

Day Three at Burnside Plantation
On the third day of The 1742 Experience we took a trip to Burnside Plantation right off of campus. We had the opportunity to help out the nonprofit organization by cleaning up the plots of land in their gardens, saving the other volunteers months of work. We also helped out by doing other miscellaneous tasks, rebuilding the farm. This day was a turning point for our group; we found that we were getting off task and our group leader was able to help us regroup and refocus, showing us what this program is really about. As a result, we really became closer as a whole and were able to appreciate what we have completed and look forward to what we are going to accomplish in the rest of this week.  Then we ended the day by showing ourselves what teamwork is all about when we completed a campus scavenger hunt as a group. At the end we learned that you can’t have success without a little bit of failure.
Megan M. '15, Brianne T. '15, Sam '15, Jenna T. '15

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