Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Day Two Thoughts

Reflections from Day Two of The 1742 Experience

So today was really exciting and important for two reasons, we impacted the community of Historic Bethlehem & we made great bonds and showcased awesome teamwork... kudos guys! The first time today when I personally felt like we became a team was when we all quickly decided we needed a plan for moving the boxes and immediately came up with one we all agreed on. I for one never did a "bucket brigade" and I was so impressed by how well it worked and how we worked together fantastically. The second time today when I really felt like we were all a team was when we first had a slight altercation with the straw activity and were able to discuss the issues rationally after completion. So yes, this program is about helping Historic Bethlehem, but I tend to feel like the heart of the program is at making lasting bonds with a close group. Any thoughts?

~Sam S. '15

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